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Mr. Derek Kelvin Chithala is the WORD Malawi Chapter Secretary General. He has been with the organisation since its investiture in Malawi by the founder Pastor Everjoice Makuve who is based in UK in March, 2005. Besides, he is also the Website Administrator for this website and WORD International Website: http//:www.e-voice.org.uk/wordinternational.

On personal touch, I would like to welcome you all our beloved viewers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to find this webiste a useful tool to our daily endeavours of reaching the marginalized populations of Malawi, especially the widows, widowers and orphans.

Mr. D.K. Chithala

The Malawi Chapter Secretary General,graduated from Chancellor College, University of Malawi with a Bachelors Degree in Education Sciences, Post-graduate Ceritificate in Computer Programming at The Polytechnic, Malawi

Mr. Chrispene Wingolo, The WORD Malawi Chapter Chairman since its inaugration in March 2005. He has seen WORD Malawi Chapter grow to this stage with selflessness and dedication to work. He is the pillar of this Chapter.

On personal note, I would like to thanks the WORD Malawi Team for being resilient to reach this far. I believe God is on our side and the team is marvellous to work with. In particular, I would like to thank God to bring in our team outstanding skills and different professions in my team some of which are manifested herein. I appeal to all the team members to keep the fire burning so that the name of God should be glorified from pole to pole ...